Data Startup Cinchapi Wins Atlanta Startup Battle

Cinchapi Data Platform makes working with data more intuitive and efficient; VC judges award $100,000 investment prize

ATLANTA, GA. April 14, 2017 – Data startup Cinchapi was named the winner of the second Atlanta Startup Battle pitch competition, held last night at Tech Square Labs in Midtown Atlanta. Cinchapi bested four other startups finalists culled from nearly 400 applicant companies.  With its winning pitch, Cinchapi’s founder and CEO, Jeff Nelson explained how the Cinchapi Data Platform makes the preparation and exploration of data far more intuitive and efficient than previously possible.

The Atlanta Startup Battle judging panel, comprised of current venture capitalists from Silicon Valley and Atlanta, apparently was impressed by how the platform combines machine learning with human intelligence to radically reduce data prep, and to expose patterns, anomalies, and relationships which warrant further investigation.

“I’m honored that the judges understood Cinchapi’s vision of using a combination of human and machine intelligence to deliver real-time analytics.” said Nelson after Cinchapi’s victory was announced. “And I’m super excited to have Paul Judge and Allen Nance on board as advisors and investors. Working with them will help the Cinchapi team scale our business over the next few months.”

Nelson’s winning pitch focused on the Cinchapi Data Platform (CDP) and it’s Ask, See, and Act workflow. In an effort to make data conversational, the platform’s context-aware, natural language interface allows users to ask questions with common English words and phrases. The CDP’s analytic engine lets users see the results via vivid visualizations alongside easily understood text-based responses. Lastly, users of the platform can act by triggering enterprise automation workflows, generating code snippets for use in data-driven applications, or they can quickly identify interesting data which warrants additional investigation by a human.

Indeed, it was the human element that stuck out to investor Allen Nance, one of the founders of Tech Square Labs, and the Atlanta Startup Battle. “We’re living in a world with more data, and the interaction data is more and more complex, “ Nance said from the rooftop of Tech Square Lab where the winner was announced. “Cinchapi is trying to make it human again.”

The Cinchapi Data Platform uses machine learning to radically reduce data prep and cleanup, as well as to uncover hidden patterns, anomalies, or relationships across decentralized or disparate real-time data sources. Once discovered, the platform can function like a “DVR for Data” allowing users to rewind time to see how these hidden connections were created and how they evolved over time. To learn more or to schedule a demonstration of the platform, please visit

About Cinchapi

Atlanta-based Cinchapi is transforming how data analysts, scientists, and developers explore and work with data. The Cinchapi Data Platform (CDP) and its Ask, See, and Act workflow was purpose-built to simplify data preparation, exploration, and development. Its natural language interface combined with machine learning and an analytics engine make working with data conversational, efficient, and intuitive. Imposing no schema requirements, the CDP streams, comprehends, and stores definitive data generated in real-time by IoT devices as well as conventional, legacy, and proprietary databases. Learn more about the Cinchapi Data Platform and its #AskSeeAct workflow at