Act On Your Results

Act when you can make a difference – right now.

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Act On Your Real-Time Data – When It Matters

How long does it take for you to get actionable intelligence from all of your data silos?  More to the point, how long does it take before you can act? A few days?  A few weeks?  Months?

You’re not alone.  It can take a lot of coordinated effort to get real, actionable, information from your data.  Worse, the larger the organization, the larger the data sets and silos tend to be.  And with the advent of IoT (Internet of Things) and resulting data, this problem will only grow.

Ask a Question. See the Results. Act Now.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Cinchapi was build from the ground up with the ability to stream all of your connected data.  It then leverages machine learning to make sense of this disparate data no matter the platform or schema.

Cinchapi can even handle proprietary databases and schemas, as well as legacy databases which may no longer be actively supported. So long as Cinchapi can connect to it – directly or via an API – Cinchapi can stream it and analyze it.  That means developers can provide data driven solutions and insights which rely on real-time data.

Take Action. Now.

Information is most useful when you actually need to see it.  With Cinchapi you can leverage the power of real-time data analytics to make informed decisions when they will have the most impact: Now.

Automation On Demand (Act)

Leverage our extensible platform to quickly build data powered solutions.

  • Generate code snippets on the fly
  • Stream new data to existing APIs
  • Create new business logic without modifying existing code