Ask the Cinchapi Data Platform a Question

Forget about ‘solving for x’.  Just ask a question with the Cinchapi Data Platform (CDP) natural language interface.  Drill deeper with followup questions.

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Ask a Question. Get an Answer.

It’s how we’ve been communicating for countless generations.  Ask a question.  Get an answer.  Need more specifics?  Ask a follow up.

But when we seek answers to questions that rely on data, getting the information we want often requires a deep understanding of database structures and queries.

The answer needed now – in real-time – might not be available immediately.  A complicated series of data queries could require a dedicated data analyst or other resources.

All of that takes time, and it can also cost money.

The CDP is Different

We feel that getting pertinent information from your data doesn’t need to be complicated.

From day one, the Cinchapi Data Platform was designed to take the complexity out of the equation.  Say goodbye to cryptic SQL commands and queries, and say hello to a natural language questions.  Need to drill a little deeper? Just ask a followup question.

Natural Language Interface

Do you have a question about sales activities in Cleveland? Now you can ask a question like “How are sales in Cleveland this quarter?’, and you’ll get results.

Not just any results.  Indeed, you’ll get customized visualizations of your data, all related to your question.  Visualizations are included out of the box.

As an ad hoc development platform, the CDP lets developers work with data as soon as it begins to stream the connected sources.  With a direct connection or via an API, the CDP leverages machine learning component in order to make sense of all of the connected data.  It doesn’t matter in what schema or format the data might have, machine learning make sense of the streamed data.

All of the streamed data can also be stored in the Cinchapi database, an enterprise edition of ConcourseDB.  This means that even if the connected data isn’t stored or archived by default, Cinchapi can do so.  This makes it a breeze to work with legacy data – ideal for year to year comparisons.

Of course, since all of the streamed data is now in the Cinchapi Data Management Platform, developers can work with one common interface a they develop data-driven solutions.

Conversational Interface (Ask)

  • Search for data using natural language
  • Drill down by asking follow up questions
  • Intuitively train the system for smarter results