Cinchapi Data Platform

Cinchapi Benefits and Features

The Cinchapi Data Platform combines machine learning with human intelligence to radically reduce data prep and cleanup. Meanwhile, it works to expose real-time patterns, anomalies, and relationships buried in disparate data sources. 

Now data analysts and data scientists have a platform which uses machine learning to understand what their data means instead of being forced to conform their data to something their tools can understand.

Ideally suited for use with real-time data sources, the Cinchapi Data Platform provides comprehensive exploratory analytics without the need to master arcane data queries. Instead of creating queries in an effort to “solve for x”, users can pose questions using context-aware conversational English phrases.

Context-Aware, Conversational Interface

Since the time humans learned to talk, we have recieved and diseminated information by asking questions and getting a response. When we need clarity, we ask a followup question.

Finally, the Cinchapi Data Platform and its Ask, See, and Act workflow makes working with real-time and conventional data conversational and intuitive. There is no rigid natural language interface which forces users to use arcane and stitled wording in order to explore data. Instead the CDP comprehends questions written with common, everyday English phrases.

With use, the CDP gets smarter; it understands both the role and function of individual users, it also gains contextual awareness of industry and in-house terms and jargon.

Explore Any Data Source

It’s crazy, isn’t it? We keep using data tools that require us to conform our data into something the tool can understand, instead of the other way around.

The Cinchapi Data Platform uses machine learning to examine and comprehend your data, regardless of structure. With more and more real-time data sources coming online every data, its critical that your tools keep up with all of your high-velocity data, including IoT.

Stop working with blinders on. The Cinchapi Data Platform allows the enterprise to gain a 360 degree view by offering combined insights from across otherwise siloed or disconnected data.

Radically Reduce Data Prep and Cleanup

Data Analysts spend an inordinate amount of time doing the tedious work known as data preparation and cleanup before they can really start doing exploratory analytics. Forbes magazine reported that cleaning big data is “most time-consuming, least enjoyable” data science task.

As much as 80% of their time is spent massaging data rather than doing exploratory analytics or data mining, and over 75% of data scientists saying it is the least enjoyable aspect of their career.

By leveraging machine learning, the Cinchapi Data Platform makes short work of data prep and cleanup, meaning that data analysts can begin to make ad hoc queries of the connected data in as soon as a few minutes.

Ask, See, and Act Workflow

Three simple steps. That’s all it takes to take advantage of the power available to users of the Cinchapi Data Platform. Three Steps: Ask, See, and Act.

First, ask a context-aware, conversational question of the data. Ignore what you think you know about natural language interfaces. Instead, ask questions with indefinite timeframes or with company jargon and industry slang. Ask followups without repeating yourself.

Next, see your results. See results presented as vivid real-time visualizations derived from your data. Based upon the data in question, the Cinchapi Data Platform offers its recommended form of visualization which best conveys its meaning. But it’s easy to override and choose from the dozens of included types of display mechanisms.

Finally, act on your results. Via APIs, the CDP can dynamically trigger or adjust a vast array of enterprise workflow automation systems, as well as messaging and alerting solutions. Moreover, developers are able to copy and paste generated code into their applications, while teams of data analysts can now focus their energies on a more focused endeavor.

Real-Time Analytics and Visualizations

Real-time data is primarily valuable because of its timeliness. The ability to dynamically trigger, alter, or otherwise modify locked-in workflows offers diminishing returns the further one gets from the incident in question. Additionally, visualization of the results makes it easy to convey where, when, and how opportunities and threats came into being.

Clearly, the advantage goes to the organization which can not only identify opportunities revealed within the data, but which can also make real-time adjustments to its operations based upon that data.

By way of example, the confirmation of a large order might automatically trigger workflows and messaging actions within the supply chain, accounting, sales, and a host of other systems. Alternatively, the malfunction of a certain number of IoT enabled devices within a certain area or a period of time might trigger a preventive maintenance workflow to be triggered, mitigating potential downtime.

Charts and graphs present this information along with easily understood descriptive text explanations. This makes is easy for data analysts to share information with lay people, while empowering business leaders to explore data directly

Automatically Generate Code Snippets

If you develop data-driven applications or solutions, now you can get a little help from the Cinchapi Data Platform. Use the CDP to do exploratory analytics with your disconnected data, and then the platform can generate the customized code needed to power your applications. It’s as simple as copying the code, and pasting it into your app!

Like a DVR for Data

The CDP is constantly streaming, examining, and storing definitive data from across all of your connected data sets. This means that as you uncover previously obscured or hidden patterns, anomalies, or relationships, it also means that you’ll also be able to go back in time – before your discovered any of this – and see how these were created and how they evolved over time.

With the CDP, you’ll be able to see how a fraudulent action occurred while putting policies in place to stop if from happening again.  You’ll be able to see and better understand a relationship between your products or services, an influencer, and your customers.

Trigger Enterprise Automation Workflows

Enterprise Automation or Workflow Automation sound great – until conditions change from what was expected. A late season snowstorm means people are buying the last of the snow shovels instead of the new shipment of beach towels – do you cancel the restock order and get more shovels?

Perhaps that online order of embroidered baseball hats means you need to schedule staff, order raw materials, and send confirmation emails and messages until the hats ship.

With the Cinchapi Data Platform, dynamic adjustments to workflows are easy to implement with the Ask, See, and Act workflow.

Recommended Searches and Insight Detection

It can prove challenging to ask questions about data when you’re not sure exactly what it is that you’re looking for. With recommended searches are presented based on changes to the underlying data as from the context of the questions which are being asked.

All the while, the Cinchapi Data Platform is running automated analysis across all of the connected data sources. This allows the platform to detect, curate, and highlight traits which warrant additional investigation by a human.