Cinchapi Data Platform

Features and Benefits

The Cinchapi Data Platform combines machine learning with human intelligence to radically reduce data prep and cleanup. Meanwhile, it works to expose real-time patterns, anomalies, and relationships buried in disparate data sources. 

Now data analysts and data scientists have a platform which uses machine learning to understand what their data means instead of being forced to conform their data to something their tools can understand.

Context-Aware, Conversational Interface

One person asks a question. Someone else answers. Follow up questions and answers refine the results. It’s how humans have conveyed information since learning to talk. The Cinchapi Data Platform’s interface and workflow make data conversational and intuitive.

Explore Any Data Source

Isn’t it time to use a platform which figures out what your data means rather than forcing you to conform your data into something the tool can understand? By imposing no schema requirements, the Cinchapi Data Platform lets you work with any data source.

Radically Reduce Data Prep and Cleanup

Data Analysts spend as much as 80% of their time doing the necessary but tedious data prep and cleanup before they can do anything meaningful with data. The Cinchapi Data Platform makes short work of data prep, no matter the source.

Ask, See, and Act Workflow

Ask a question and see results in real time. Act by triggering workflow automation and messaging; by creating code snippets for data-driven applications. Refine the visualizations and insights provided by asking context-aware followup questions.

Real-Time Analytics and Visualizations

The tools data analysts use as unable to keep up with real-time data. The tools were not designed to work with IoT and other high velocity data sources. The Cinchapi Data Platform was purpose-built to provide real-time analytics and visualizations of mission-critical data.

Automatically Generate Code Snippets

Developers who work with data need to be able to create code which can leverage data. The Cinchapi Data Platform automatically creates code snippets that can then be copied and pasted into applications.

Like a DVR for Data

What if you were able to uncover previously hidden patterns, anomalies or relationships across disparate data sources? What if you could then rewind time and see how they were created? What if you could hit play and watch as these newly discovered opportunities and concerns evolve over time? With the CDP, you will have that ability.

Trigger Enterprise Automation Workflows

Insights and analyses won’t do much good if you don’t do anything with them. The CDP can trigger any enterprise automation workflow. From simple messages and alerts to complicated inventory and logistics instructions, the CDP is the ideal data platform for Enterprise Automation.