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Cinchapi Data Platform

Impromptu is a core component of what makes the Cinchapi Data Platform unique.  Designed to be layered on top of the Concourse Database, Impromptu is Cinchapi’s ad hoc analytics and visualization engine.  As the name is intended to suggest, Impromptu allows for spur of the moment questions to be asked of your data to get some insights.  The goal is to make data conversational.

Unlike conventional data platforms, the Cinchapi Data Platform leverages Impromptu in order to free developers from the tedious data prep that can slow a project to a crawl.  Once connected to her data sources, including real-time data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT), a developer is able to work with the data in meaningful ways within minutes.

The platform’s  Ask, See, Act workflow has developers working with relevant data in minutes instead of weeks or months.

Imagine how Impromptu and the Cinchapi Data Platform can change your workflows for the better.

Ready to make sense of your data?

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