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ConcourseDB – Open Source Database

The foundation of the Cinchapi Data Platform is powered by the ConcourseDB community driven open source project.  ConcourseDB is managed and maintained by Cinchapi, but we feel it benefits everyone to make this strongly consistent database freely available to developers.

Concourse is a self-tuning database that enables live analytics for large streams of operational data. Developers use Concourse to quickly software that requires both ACID transactions and the ability to get data insights on demand.

We encourage developers to download ConcourseDB, to learn the basics of how ConcourseDB, and to see how it is different than conventional databases.  How different?  ConcourseDB makes it very easy to do basic read/write operations.  As a strongly consistent database, it is ideal for developers who need to work with definitive data.

Since ConcourseDB is schemaless, you don’t have to create any structure (i.e. tables, indexes, etc) upfront. Everything is created dynamically.

This reduces the amount of prep work a developer would otherwise need to do in order to get different data sources to work well together.

Please note, unlike the Cinchapi Data Platform, the open source ConcourseDB doesn’t include the machine learning nor the Impromptu natural language processor interface components.

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