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Demonstrations, Presentations, and Discussions related to the Cinchapi Data Platform and core Cinchapi technologies

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Video: What If?

The Cinchapi Data Platform (CDP) was designed to make working with real-time data intuitive and efficient. Machine learning combines with human intelligence to provide a context-aware, conversational interface which grows smarter with use.

By imposing no schema restrictions of its own, the Cinchapi Data Platform, and its #AskSeeAsk workflow, was purpose-built to work with any data source: Real-time, IoT, legacy, proprietary, conventional or any other connectable data source.

Ready for more? Watch the 64-second video.


Video: The Cinchapi Data Platform Workflow and Architecture

Take three minutes to learn how the #AskSeeAsk workflow can change how you go about exploring and working with data.

Bonus! Get a quick look at how the CDP was architected and why it was purpose-built to be unlike any other data platform.

Video: Understanding the Concourse Codebase

Want to take a deep dive into our open source Concourse Database? Cinchapi CEO and Founder, Jeff Nelson, provides the details over the course of this 82 minute video.