See Your Results. Visualized by the Cinchapi Data Platform.

No smoke and mirrors. Just your results in real-time.

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See Your Results Visualized

If your idea of a database query involves a series of numbers or a mile-long spreadsheet, we are about to blow your mind.  Don’t say that you haven’t been warned.

Say Goodbye to the Gobbledygook

Are you tired of taking the “results” of your data queries and then trying to make sense of them?  Do you find yourself trying to convert data into useful visualizations?

Of course you’re tired of that.  We’re here to show you a better way.

Customized Visualizations From All of Your Connected Data

The process of pulling data, aggregating it, and then delivering it in a timely, useful, and compelling fashion has become an exercise in frustration.

Getting what you need can take weeks, and by the time you have your answers, the results are no longer relevant to the question.

Cinchapi is different. You ask a question, and then you get visualized results.  In real-time.

We’re talking interactive graphs, charts, and other visualizations which make sense.

We Stream Data. Machine Learning Makes Sense of it All

Cinchapi isn’t designed to replace your current data silos.  Instead, Cinchapi can stream your data and a machine learning component makes sense of it all.

There is no data prep required.  It’s an ad hoc solution.  That means Cinchapi does the heavy lifting – it will quickly understand the relationships between your various data silos.

It will understand the structure and schema of your data, even if your data is housed in wildly different databases.

Cinchapi will also come to understand your way of doing things.

Ask it for quarterly sales in Cleveland, and it will know that you have a sales operations in Ohio, but not in Georgia.  It will know that your financial year begins on July 1st.  Thus, it will pull data showing the results of the most recent financial quarter.

Last quarter is nice, but what about today?  What about right now?

Real-Time Data.  Real-Time Results.

Want to know how sales are looking today?  No problem.  Just ask a follow-up question like “what about today?”

Since you were already asking about sales, Cinchapi will understand that the context of your followup question is also about sales.  And it will also understand that “today” means anything after 12:00 midnight.

You could then ask more followup questions like “How do these results compare to Milwaukee?”  With on-demand visualizations, be amazed as you see the new data points added to a comparison chart or graph.

Just like that.

With this kind of power at your disposal, you know can act and make an impactful decision when it really matters – now.

Machine Data Intelligence (See)

  • Derives additional data points of interest
  • Extracts statistical traits about data across multiple dimensions

Historical and Real-Time Data (See)

Get actionable intelligence from historical and real-time data combined.

  • Rewind to see how data developed in the past
  • Press play to see data evolve in real-time.