Analyze anything in real time.

Instantly answer critical business questions using on-demand insights from all your data.

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Contextual Information

Get actionable intelligence from historical & real-time data.

We combine all your historical data with every real-time update so you have a comprehensive view about what happened before, what's happening now and what may happen next.

1 “why are shoe revenues falling?”
3  [
4    "wholesale_cost": {
5      "last week": 25.74,
6      "3 hours ago": 26.10,
7    }
8    "price": {
9      "last month": 26.50,
10      "4 days ago": 26.00,
11    }
12    "shipments": {
13      "2 weeks ago": 100,
14      "last week": 150,
16      "yesterday": 380
17    }
18  ]

Developer Platform

Leverage our platform to quickly build data powered solutions.

Cinchapi is built on the foundation of our innovative open source technologies. Companies can depend on the expertise of our community of contributors. And developers can easily extend the power of our platform to create tools that deliver wins for the business.

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Simpler Workflow

Use natural language and machine learning for faster insights.

We don't require you to learn new query languages or even create complicated dashboards. Cinchapi simply transforms high level questions into detailed and precise insights on demand.