Real-Time Data.
From Cluster to Clarity.

The Cinchapi Data Platform (CDP) combines machine learning with human intelligence to make working with any real-time or conventional data source efficient and intuitive.

Among its many benefits, the CDP uses machine learning to be able to interpret and understand any data in any format. Machine learning also makes quick work of data prep and cleanup, so your team could be exploring real-time data with ad-hoc, context-aware and conversational questions in minutes.

Imposing no schema requirements, the CDP streams, examines, and stores definitive data generated in real-time, as well as from conventional, legacy, and proprietary databases and sources.

Put another way, the Cinchapi Data Platform can work with any connected data source, including IoT data.

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Ask the CDP a question with our context-aware, conversational interface. Use everyday English phrases and jargon instead of using precise functions and field names.

Get relevant and real-time results from across all of your connected data.



See the results of your questions. The CDP’s powerful analytics engine provides previously hidden insights and customized visualizations.

See even more by asking follow-up questions.



Act with real-time insights from the CDP that help to make critical business decisions, trigger dynamic enterprise automation workflows, or produce code snippets with the click of a mouse.

Act now – when it really matters.